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Detailed rock mass information direct from the drilling process. This technology provides highly accurate and precise information about the rock mass.
The drilling process and rock interpretation can be displayed in real time to the operator and sent with modern technology to users of ROCKMA GPM + Office Software.

The rock properties we calculate/present are normally:
◾ The rock compressive strength ( UCS ) presented in MPa
◾ Fractures, presented as fracture frequency (%) or RQD
◾ Water conditions of the rock mass
◾ Blasting properties
◾ Grouting / classes
◾ Rock support
◾ Ore / waste
◾ Also other properties can be calibrated against if reference data are available

Drilling process raw data, that we use as a basis for our calculations is often called:
◾ MWD (Measurement While Drilling)
◾ Drill monitoring
◾ Also other names occurs for the process of collecting drill data

Many types of drill rigs are equipped with a system for the collection of data, in those cases , we use that data. If the drill rig doesn’t have this pre-installed then we have a complete system for this.

We also supply high – precision GPS and complete management systems.

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Rockma Exploration Drilling


ROCKMA Exploration Drilling AB offers diamond drilling with new perspectives.

◾ Environmentally friendly drilling
◾ Experienced operators
◾ Competitive prices
◾ Digital Mapping

Our drills are mounted on tracked dumpers with broad bands that provide low ground pressure to protect the environment.
We use additional crawler machine for transport of drill rods and other equipment.

To and from the machine is personnel and some equipment transported by snowmobile in the winter and with off-road machine summertime. We have chosen this solution to provide drilling with minimal environmental impact.

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