ROCKMA System AB started operations in 1999 and has since sold hundreds of systems to the mining industry, both surface and underground mining, tunneling projects, geotechnical surveys, diamond drilling, quarry etc. We specialize in the interpretation of rock properties, but the products have evolved over the years, offering comprehensive solutions for various production applications.

For large open pit, we have a whole system that includes everything from planning with advanced systems for establishing drilling plans, high precision GPS navigation and positioning, avoidance of drilling into old drill pipes, systems to obtain drilling depth for flat soles, explosive properties, consumption of materials, advanced monitoring , production statistics, on-line monitoring of all drilling activities, etc. Among our open pit clients include one of the world’s biggest open pit, Sishen Iron Ore Mine in South Africa. Currently, Anglo American is ROCKMA’s largest customer in South Africa.

In Scandinavia, we have sold many systems for tunnel operation. One of the most modern systems today is National Rail subway system in Larvik, Norway. A large number of drilling rigs are connected so that each completed hole drilled directly available to all users. A unique overview of the business in real time with rock properties is presented graphically. Our largest customers in Scandinavia is the Swedish Transport Administration, Public Roads Administration in Norway and the Norwegian National Rail Administration.

ROCKMA also has a unique system for diamond drilling conducted by ROCKMA Exploration Drilling AB.

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